Marketing Workshop

September 20, 2016
10.30 am to 4.00 pm

Registration closed.

Communication medium - Malayalam


Marketing is an art only a few are blessed with. Few tap into these skills and success awaits those who do. It transcends mainstream academics, with inborn talent taking center stage.

We are looking at such professionals, with marketing skills that matter in the real world, not on paper. We would like to share our insight into marketing, which we have learned from years of marketing our own projects, and take in new ideas at the same time.

Our search for true marketing professionals has brought you Tegwork, a workshop aimed at finding fresh talent, to bring a young and energetic face into marketing. We call upon our young graduates between the age of 21 and 30 years to come attend this workshop.

We have only limited seats available and hence, if we are unable to accommodate you, your money will be refunded.



#20, Infopark TBC, Sector E,
JNI Stadium, Kaloor
Cochin 682017
Phone : +91 858 9999 555
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Our Mission

Marketing is a tool to capture the imagination of the public. Attractive and pleasing presentations make commodities successful in a market. Tegwork aims to help spread modern marketing strategies among the young marketers amidst us.

What you gain

In this new age where timely changes in marketing strategies are at the forefront of businesses, we aim to train our youth to recognize each market’s nature and use one’s skills to gain great success.



An introduction about Tegain and its various avenues of business.This provides an overview of what we do and how we do it.

Topic Presentation

We provide you with an in-depth look into the products and working of each of our departments, and an overview of our marketing strategies .

Group Discussion

A discussion about how we can expand a company's market presence and explore new avenues of business that can provide promising returns.

Individual Presentations

A chance to test and hone your presentation skills and to be constructively criticized to improve your employability.


A one on one interview for you to show as your individuality and marketing flare.


A conclusion about all we have learned throughout the day.