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Tegain Technologies Private Limited is an innovation hub which aims at changing lives with technology. It can be achieved with a handful of highly passionate & dedicated people who can innovate up to infinity.

The Company    

Tegain Technologies Private Limited is a vibrant Information Technology Company deals in Website development, Web & Desktop Application development, Design works, Mobile Application Development, Advertisements & Live streaming. We are fanatic in innovation, passionate about technology and we have a mission to change lives with information technology.

We focus on large technology projects for educational platforms, medical institutions, real estate and trading firms, striving to provide innovative solutions that can change the way people learn, how medical data is stored, retrieved and used, and create all in one platform to manage multiple real estate/trading projects simultaneously.

  • Our Vision    

    To be the most trusted Information technology company for the client by making talented professionals, keeping them updated by high-quality training, providing good environment and teamwork.

  • Our Mission    

    To provide innovative and high-quality services to the customer with new technology at a competitive price.

  • Our Passion    

    We are passionate about creating amazing products for our customer by bringing the change in the world and providing high-quality services.

  • Our Values    

    To be trustworthy. We have dedicated and talented team who are committed to providing quality services to our client at competitive rates. To be customer friendly services to both internal and external customers.